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The world of architecture is an area that requires a lot of precision, strict conformities to be respected and precise deadlines of realization. That’s why an architect or a project manager from that area should never neglect deadlines. Keep in mind that, in the world of architecture, creativity is at the center of the work and it can be difficult to be diligent in managing tasks. Even if a firm has the most creative projects and the most creative employees, it won’t make any profit if the architects spend too much time migrating to new ideas constantly. One has to know how to strike a balance between the creating process and the work execution.

In order to work effectively, you will need to manage your projects by breaking them down into stages and making sure that each task is distributed within the team. You don’t want to waste time or having multiple people working on the same task for no reasons. It might be difficult to structure the work of a very creative team but it is with experience, patience and comprehension that you will fully understand the reality of architects and that you will be a good project manager.

Keep in mind that the goal, here today, is to maximize the time spent on tasks so you can focus more on what you really love, creating.

Optimize your work time

First of all, you will need to be able to identify what you spend most of your time on. By doing that, you will be able to identify which tasks are taking up too much of your time and you will be able to optimize your work. Have you ever thought about the time you spend answering emails, browsing the internet, or even texting your friends and loved ones? A task may seem to take a long time in a day, but could it be because your concentration is not optimal?

In fact, the tasks that you like the least are likely to take the longest time to complete. And that is normal for every human being. That’s why we recommend using a timer so that you will really know how much time you are spending on a specific task or an entire project. Nutcache allows you to use a time clock directly from the task you are working on. In this way, you can measure the time you give to each work step and make sure that every minute worked will be invoiced.

When it comes to more recurring tasks, like answering your emails, it’s best to set aside time slots in your calendar. You can start and end your days by setting aside a few minutes to answer all your messages. You will then be much more efficient this way! Besides, you can also turn off your inbox notifications to avoid being disturbed in your creative process.

Follow strict deadlines

Once you know the duration of your different operations, you will be able to turn that data into real-time information. This information will help you know the value of your work. You will also have a better idea of your profitability, you will be able to identify which tools are the most useful for you and you will even know which tasks are taking too much of your time. Knowing the duration of your different operations will help you to set up your timelines.

By using a comprehensive management software like Nutcache, you will be able to plan your projects precisely. As a project manager working with a team of creative people, you must always be able to know when a project is starting to deviate from its trajectory, whether it’s struggling to stay on budget or on schedule. A feature-rich management software such as Nutcache will help you react quickly.

Use an all-in-one management tool

By using the appropriate tools, your task management will be more efficient. If you use advanced programs and software for your creative work, you should do the same for your planning. All-in-one project management software such as Nutcache is key as it allows you to track the progress of your project, both human and financial resources, to manage your hours worked and those of your team, also manage the expenses related to your project and eventually bill your client. Think about how many tools you use to perform your daily tasks… You probably use several spreadsheets, a calendar, several reminders and maybe even your memory. You must facilitate your work in order to focus your efforts on the creative side of things. By using a task manager software, you will be able to share the task lists with your colleagues. Thus, in the event of an unforeseen absence, operations will continue to follow their trajectory. Activate Nutcache notifications, which gives you the assurance that you won’t miss anything and react to any situation quickly.

You have to stay organized to ensure the success of your projects. Remember that your schedule is hectic, your deadlines are tight and building constructions are more and more complex.  It is with a good task management software that you will be able to overcome these challenges. Keep in mind that software like Nutcache will allow you to establish better communication and will surely help collaboration, within your team.

Finally, Nutcache is the tool you need to improve and optimize your task management. Manage your time in a good way and don’t let creativity take over profitability. Nutcache takes over the entire project development cycle while offering you the possibility to automate specific and recurring operations. From the initial estimate to final invoicing, budgeting, expense management, tracking and approval of your employees’ time, it’s the ultimate solution for your project. Try Nutcache today!