Go Remote: 10 Great Careers for Telecommuting in 2017 [Infographic]

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we now have the freedom to work from our living rooms and quite a number of large corporations, seem to be embracing this trend of hiring remote employees. Not only is it financially advantageous for the company but studies indicate that employees who work from home are significantly more productive than their physical-office-space counterparts. In addition, you tend to find that employees who work from home are less stressed and enjoy a greater work-life balance.

It goes without saying that this remote work trend will be sticking around for quite a while and 2017 couldn’t be a better time to explore your opportunities in this area. This development also means that stay-at-home parents are now becoming work-from-home parents as this is a great way to make an extra income for the family while also spending quality time with the kids.

To break into this market would require possession of the right set of skills; while you don’t have to be a software developer to work from home, employers seem to favor some skill sets over some others. 

In deciding to go the telecommuting route, owning a computer and an internet connection is no longer enough to guarantee a steady paycheck, you should also have knowledge of what skills are in demand in the global workplace, so as to be able to tailor your personal development goals to meet the needs of the global workplace.

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