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Most project management software include a time tracker for work so that users don’t need to go to another site or program to track the time they spent for their tasks. However, there are some issues that go with the use of any task and time tracking tool. Here are four of them:

Organizing time and expenses spent for each project.

Some project managers need to note down the hours worked in each particular projects and they also want to know the time spent for each of them.

By using a project management software with task and time tracking feature such as Nutcache’s, the time and expenses are organized for every project. There are various ways to customize reports depending on the needs of the user or project manager.

Sorting all parts of every project in one place.

Since some projects are composed of smaller tasks, it is difficult not to have them mixed while others are duplicated or lost. Some time tracker for work tools accept the data but couldn’t sort them out.

Choose a free work timer tool that can organize all the parts of every project and put them in one place. Nutcache’s project management software with free task and time tracking has features that allow users to organize their data according to project or project team member.

The need for “real time” tracking.

Some time tracking tools depend on the hours that users input. They rely on the user’s memory that often depends on guesswork resulting in inaccurate information. As a result, the time and activities worked are not tracked in real time.

There are software solutions that offer “real time” tracking but since it isn’t the standard way of tracking time, it is easy to estimate on the time spent for work. On the other hand, there are task and time tracking tools that help remind the users to track their time by using the timer during their working hours and pause the timer whenever their computer use is inactive after a certain period of time.

Monitoring the tasks that an employee is working on.

There is a need for a time tracking software that can track the hours worked and the tasks as well such as a task and time tracking tool. Oftentimes, there is really no way to determine if the project member is doing the tasks or not. Some time tracking software can detect website usage while others seem to ask the tasks being worked on after some time of inactivity.

Other time tracker for work automatically stops the work timer when the user is not using the computer. A time tracker for work can also remind the user to track his work again when he comes back.

Nutcache’s project management program features efficient work timers that are easy to use in recording the time spent by the project team during the time they work on project tasks.