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The only way to start a project is to start it off on the right foot and keep it moving from there. Starting a project in the wrong way is a recipe for disaster. Here are five ways to start a new project right:

  • Know about the project. This means that you should do your homework especially if the project entails complexity and require some processes and expertise. A few hours or days of advance research can go a long way in the jumpstarting of a new project. A big opportunity needs you to search for more information so that you can approach the project with confidence and security knowing that you know what to do and that your time and efforts are well-organized and well-spent.
  • Project planning is essential. You will never reach your destination if you are walking on the wrong road. Setting up a basic plan to reach your goals is crucial to your success. Set out a clear road map with specific action steps and milestones so that progress can be checked from time to time. Make it simple to understand and allow flexibility for surprises that may come along the way.
  • Recruit the right people. Find the best people that you can afford to help you with the project. Don’t settle for mediocre performers who may just set your project into failure. Recruit amazing people who possess the skills and talents and who you can share the rewards of your project team’s success.
  • Set clear expectations. Lack of clarity can drive the best worker into chaos. Ensure that every team member understand their roles and responsibilities as well as the things that are expected of them to be done. In project teams that work from remote locations, this poses more difficulties. As much as possible, schedule discussions with the team to clearly present their plans and approach on how they are working on the deliverables. It is best to discuss on the obstacles and suggest better methods to overcome them.
  • Ensure proper communication. With the various methods of communications which include smartphones and social media, there should be no excuse of not being able to get messages across to other people. This happens only if everyone communicates with each other in the same manner and timeframe. A great project manager can use these communication tools right from the start. He can establish the guidelines through email or texting and use collaboration tools and other features of project management systems such as Nutcache’s project management and collaboration program. With the accessible and various types of communication methods, there should be no reason that an important matter will be left unaddressed.

With some of these tips and ways to start a project right, setting up a project for success will be fairly easy if one considers a little structure in the way he manages a new project. Set up a new project right, and keep moving forward until you achieve success.