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A project is a transient endeavor with planned objectives that can be defined in terms of outputs or outcomes. Being transient, it is a temporary venture with a defined beginning and end. It is unique because it is not repeated in its exact form. Project management is the discipline of managing the various project management processes groups in order to achieve specific goals to meet success criteria.

Successful project management requires a project manager who knows that he needs to fully understand the complex interrelationships between the different parts of the project. They also know that the following qualities are relevant for them in achieving their objectives of flexibility, knowledge and creative problem-solving skills. Most project managers have these traits and skills in them but they develop them fully with many years of experiences.

Project Management Processes Groups

 The five groups of project management processes are the following:


  1. The initiating process group handles the preparation of the activities, processes, skills required, setting up of permits, authorizations and starter work orders. This group sets the stage for all the subsequent activities that need to be done to complete the project. They start the teams, set work phases, prepares the budget and all other things needed for the start of the project planning.


  1. This process group defines the scope and the relevant processes, prepares strategic plans aimed to maximize workflow, and prepare priority lists as well as address on the needs of the team. The planning process group clarifies goals and expectations. They make the necessary infrastructure ready so that the goals can be achieved according to the budget and time constraints. The definition of time management during the planning process is also essential as the timeline and milestones need to be set up properly in every project schedule.


  1. The executing process group is one of the project management processes that is responsible in managing the teams effectively. They try to achieve the goal expectations in accordance to the schedule. In executing, project managers display a high degree of organization skills as well as excellent communication abilities that help them address the various concerns and other complex situations involved in the completion of the deliverables on time and within the budget.


  1. Monitoring and Control. Among the tasks that this process group performs are processing change orders, attending to unforeseen circumstances, addressing budget concerns, and responding to incidents that may affect the team’s performance and ability to complete their tasks.


  1. The biggest challenge of this process group is to bring the project to a successful close which means completing it on time and within the budget allotted.


Project managers wanting to improve their knowledge and skills know that learning the project management definition by heart is one way to a successful project. They also understand the project management time definition because milestones and deadlines are essential in the fulfillment of their goals. The practice of having project management processes groups have greatly supported these managers in successful projects.

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