Creating a Project Kickoff Agenda [Free Template]

In an earlier post, we talked about project kickoff meetings; why they were crucial for the successful execution of any project and we also shed some light on the importance of having a project kickoff meeting agenda.

This article, however, will expand more on the individual elements of the project kickoff agenda and to help you with this, we have attached a project kickoff template for easy assimilation.

The Project Kickoff Meeting Template

It’s no secret that ample preparation is the key to successful execution of any project. The project manager is expected to be well-prepared for the kickoff meeting; he/she is to also see to it that all tasks and activities involved in the successful completion of the project are carried out effectively and efficiently.

The project kickoff template, therefore, is a document that helps the project manager check-off the activities that are needed to be carried out before the kickoff of any project. To lend more support to this document, the project manager is expected to have a project kickoff activity checklist, a kickoff meeting agenda, a project timeline document, and a stakeholder communication plan.

The Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda

The project kickoff agenda is a clear, detailed outline of the points to be discussed at the project kickoff meeting. It is very pertinent because it covers the individual aspects of the kickoff meeting such as the objective of the meeting, who is expected to attend, who is responsible for what on the agenda and the time slots.

It is the project manager’s responsibility to come up with a well-detailed agenda for the kickoff meeting to ensure that the meeting flows seamlessly; It helps the project manager control the outcome of the kickoff meeting.

The agenda should be published well ahead of time, so it gets to all the participants at least 3 days before the date of the meeting.

Basic Structure of a Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda

A typical kickoff meeting agenda is divided into 5 parts; the first item is the introduction, next you have an overview of the project, this leads you to the project details proper, project roles and the closure.

Project Kickoff meeting

The Breakdown

  1. The Introduction – This is an important aspect of the agenda as it sets the pace for the rest of the meeting and it should be moderated by the project manager.

Self- introductions are made where everyone gets to talk about how they each fit into the various aspects of the project and what they hope to take away from the meeting.

  1.  Overview of the project – At this stage, the project manager is expected to give a brief statement of the problem being solved, how it relates to the overall goals of the company, who the beneficiaries of the project are, what technology or tools are required to solve the problem, and how the project is to be funded.
  1.  Project Details – This section expands a bit more on what the project entails; it primarily deals with the technical and logistical aspects of the project.

A great way to ensure that this part of the meeting is properly covered, without spending too much time would be to distribute the relevant documents concerning this aspect of the project a few days prior to the kickoff meeting, preferably alongside the agenda. This gives participants enough time to go through the documents properly, leaving more time for questions and clarifications during the meeting.

The relevant information could include – project goals and deliverable; target dates, project milestones, project risks and constraints, communication systems and processes and other technical details that need to be sorted out.

  1. 4. Project Team Roles And Responsibilities – This part of the project kickoff agenda features the individual lists and portfolios of members of the project team and their contact information. It primarily details who is responsible for what and who reports to whom.
  1. The Closure – Here, the project manager is expected to open the floor to questions and comments; after which the project manager yet again would review all that has been discussed during the meeting. The project manager should confirm and include the new points or issues that were raised up during the discussions as well.

To get started, simply download the sample project kickoff meeting agenda and the project kickoff meeting template.

project kickoff agenda template


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