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14 01, 2016

The Revitalizing Role of Technology in Project Management

In the past, project management and collaboration were done through emails and sharing platforms. Today, the recent advancements in technology have contributed in providing the right project management tools that can help your projects succeed. […]

7 12, 2015

5 Must-Have Resources for Successful Work Meetings

The business world is changing. Communication technology is taking a big leap forward; from telephone, email and fax we have already moved to video conferencing and wireless mobile devices. In its course, technology is changing the possibilities and the rules of human interaction. And this also applies to business communications and work meetings. So the [...]

2 12, 2015

Using Nutcache’s Collaborative Boards for Effective Collaboration

New collaborative tools are fast changing the way we manage, learn and do things. In it’s simplest form, collaboration is defined as "working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals." In the corporate world, collaboration "is the interactive dynamic of engaged people, who, when electing to work together, adopt shared behaviors and [...]

20 10, 2015

The Importance of Collaboration in the Workplace

One of the biggest factors that contribute to the success of any business is whether or not its employees are able to perform together a team. With increasing competition, it has become extremely important to encourage creativity in the office, in order to improve productivity and promote healthy employee relationships. [...]

13 10, 2015

7 Reasons Why Marketing Teams Require Reliable Project Management Software

The use of project management tools is no more confined to development teams alone. According to the Project Management Institute, almost 59 percent businesses say either their entire organization or most departments have implemented standard project management practices. Therefore, your marketing team too can leverage these tools for better productivity. [...]

2 10, 2015

How to Use Scrum to Boost Teams Productivity

As an agile process, Scrum is extensively used by software companies for product development. In fact, this project management framework can be applied to any project that has complex requirements, aggressive deadlines and a generous amount of uniqueness. This lightweight framework is specially designed for small and close-knit teams developing [...]

21 09, 2015

Engage with others by sharing your boards

Using boards to manage your projects has just got better with the latest exhilarating features and improvements added to improve your user experience. NUTCACHE HELPS YOU BETTER ORGANIZE YOUR WORK When creating a new board in Nutcache, you can now set it as “public”, meaning it can be seen by anyone knowing its public URL. [...]

27 08, 2015

Top 7 Tips on Growing a Creative Team

Every manager wants stellar work from their creative teams, but only a few achieve it. Why? Because most fail to invest in their people’s skills and show them the future. Many shy away from taking such initiatives thinking that it needs a big budget to invest in their employees’ professional growth while others think [...]