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23 04, 2019

The expenses of the self-employed person in France


Every worker is responsible for a certain number of social and fiscal expenses. In the case of the employee, the handling of these expenses is greatly simplified since the employer handles most of the calculations and declarations. Social charges are deducted from the pay slip while tax charges are validated at the time of the [...]

The expenses of the self-employed person in France2019-04-24T13:10:13+00:00
23 04, 2019

Launching a company in Quebec


The creation of a company is an important step in a professional life. It is not a question of improvising. The respect of a certain number of steps is essential in order to better all odds to transform the project into professional success. From the definition of the business activity and the preparation of a [...]

Launching a company in Quebec2019-04-24T13:10:58+00:00
12 03, 2019

Starting in freelancing: 8 steps to becoming a freelancer


Many salaried workers dream of becoming independent, of no longer having to depend on a hierarchy that is sometimes cumbersome and of being able to choose the projects on which they will work. While freelancing is often synonymous with freedom, there are also a number of constraints to take into account if you do not [...]

Starting in freelancing: 8 steps to becoming a freelancer2019-03-12T18:38:10+00:00
12 03, 2019

Nutcache introduces a Freelancer edition and other goodies


We have got some exciting news we want to share with you our valuable users. As we announced a few weeks back, we are now introducing a new edition of Nutcache specifically designed for freelancers. Along with this new edition, high demand features have also been added to Nutcache. The Freelancer edition Since many of [...]

Nutcache introduces a Freelancer edition and other goodies2019-03-15T14:48:09+00:00
22 02, 2019

Freelance invoice: how to charge for a provision of services


You have taken the step to become self-employed and obtained your first contract. You have good relations with your client who is satisfied with the work furnished. This is a first stage, sometimes complicated, brilliantly completed. You will now be able to go to the next stage: invoicing. You are certainly not working for free [...]

Freelance invoice: how to charge for a provision of services2019-03-12T18:38:34+00:00
17 12, 2018

Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)


One of the roles of the product owner is to supply the product backlog with the functionalities or features that the technical team will have to develop. The other, undoubtedly more complex, is to define the priority of the tasks to be performed. How do you choose which feature should be developed first? The solution [...]

Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)2019-04-08T15:20:41+00:00
26 11, 2018

Agile velocity: definition, calculation, and proper use


Often associated with the Scrum methodology, Agile velocity may be a valuable tool when it comes to tracking the work done by a development team during a sprint and helping to predict the predictability of the next one. On the other hand, poorly used as a performance indicator for management, for example, it can be [...]

Agile velocity: definition, calculation, and proper use2019-04-08T14:58:34+00:00
21 11, 2018

Coding Dojo


The first "coding dojo" was born from the observation that most developers only had their work, their professional achievements, to improve their knowledge and development techniques. The idea was then to take them out of their usual working environment and get them to work together on a specific topic or on the solution of a [...]

Coding Dojo2018-11-21T14:30:11+00:00
14 11, 2018

An update shaped by simplicity and an improved user experience


At Nutcache, we have always aimed to provide you with the best possible user experience. With this new release, we are taking another step towards this goal as we are launching several new features to make your overall experience fabulous. More flexibility to manage your account Up until this new release, only account owners could [...]

An update shaped by simplicity and an improved user experience2019-04-08T15:14:59+00:00
26 07, 2018

8 new features to optimize your project management


Despite the warm summer days and the vacation atmosphere, we don't twiddle our thumbs here at Nutcache as we keep developing and adding new features to help you better manage your projects. With this new software update, you will benefit from the latest additions to Nutcache, such as improved functionality and user-friendliness, simplified project [...]

8 new features to optimize your project management2019-04-08T15:01:35+00:00