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About Marc Guévin

Marc has been part of the Nutcache team since day one. As the marketing specialist, Marc does his best to develop the Nutcache brand and make it shine by sharing the Nutcache love to all business owners out there. =)
10 09, 2019

How to provide feedback to your clients


In our article on collecting feedback from your clients , we have shown why feedback is important for your business. However, the opposite is also true: feedback is important to your clients. Among other things,  it motivates your clients  to become better collaborators. However, for your clients to improve, you must give them a constructive [...]

How to provide feedback to your clients2019-09-10T18:51:26+00:00
15 08, 2019

Nutcache has a new look and feel


We have great news for you! Before you go off on a well-deserved vacation we are thrilled to introduce a new redesigned version of Nutcache. Here are the main changes that will make you enjoy managing your work using Nutcache even more. A new vibrant look and feel As part of the overhaul layout revamp [...]

Nutcache has a new look and feel2019-08-15T15:32:43+00:00
10 06, 2019

Self-employed worker: advantages and disadvantages


Do you want to become self-employed? Do you want to weigh the pros and cons before working for yourself? Let's be honest: it's not easy, being self-employed. After consulting our list of advantages and disadvantages, you will be better prepared to face this reality. Advantage #1: Savings on some expenses When you work from home, [...]

Self-employed worker: advantages and disadvantages2019-06-10T13:11:39+00:00
28 05, 2019

Collaborative project: The complete guide to collaborative project management


Far from the traditional scheme in which a project manager distributes the tasks, monitors their realisation and centralises all the management and reporting data, the collaborative project promotes the team and communications as the primary focus. Although collaborative work is not a new concept, its adoption in companies has accelerated in recent years thanks to [...]

Collaborative project: The complete guide to collaborative project management2020-09-04T16:01:23+00:00
5 02, 2019

Web project manager job description


The web project manager is often described as an orchestra conductor, leading several groups of people to work together during various project phases in order to achieve the objectives set while complying with the constraints of costs and deadlines. He or she will ensure the supervision and coordination of the various tasks to be performed [...]

Web project manager job description2019-02-05T15:55:48+00:00
5 02, 2019

Phases of an architectural project


A construction project, like any project, requires going through different phases. From the analysis of the needs to the receipt of the work, by way of preliminary studies, the request for building permits, project management (the client) and project management (the architect) must collaborate in order to complete the architectural project. It is important to [...]

Phases of an architectural project2019-02-05T15:17:49+00:00
9 01, 2019

A complete revamp of the security profile system: no more confusion!


The last months of 2018 were a busy time at Nutcache, as our team pursued its mission to make the application as user-friendly as possible. And Nutcache's latest update reflects this effort by focusing on making the security profile system simpler and making new project board templates available to speed up project creation. New security [...]

A complete revamp of the security profile system: no more confusion!2019-04-08T15:18:29+00:00
3 12, 2018

Scrum Master Job Description


Scrum is without a doubt one of the most used Agile project management methodologies in the field of IT development. The Scrum master guarantees the implementation and application of the Scrum methodology within the project team. He ensures as well that the team can be independent with the method in order to obtain good productivity. [...]

Scrum Master Job Description2019-04-08T14:55:52+00:00
9 10, 2018

Scrumban: all about the Scrum-Kanban method


You know Scrum, the very widely used agile project management method. You know Kanban, the method of production management with pull-flow. Here is Scrumban now, which will combine the flexibility provided by Scrum to Kanban's just-in-time workflow management. A novelty? Not really! Scrumban was born at the end of the 2000s. The use in real [...]

Scrumban: all about the Scrum-Kanban method2019-03-14T16:30:30+00:00
9 10, 2018

The speed boat Agile – An Effective Agile Retrospective Tool


When a project is managed using an Agile method, such as Scrum for example, the end of a development iteration is systematically concluded by a retrospective meeting. For the team as a whole, it is important to take stock of the past iteration by allowing all participants to express themselves freely. But it is not [...]

The speed boat Agile – An Effective Agile Retrospective Tool2019-03-14T16:37:44+00:00