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About Marc Guévin

Marc has been part of the Nutcache team since day one. As the marketing specialist, Marc does his best to develop the Nutcache brand and make it shine by sharing the Nutcache love to all business owners out there. =)
2 02, 2021

3 skills an engineering project manager must have


Regardless of the industry, an engineer may be called upon to intervene in the performance of many tasks during his career. Although the profession is generally focused on a specific expertise, it can happen that an engineer is asked to juggle between a more practical side of the company he works for and the management [...]

3 skills an engineering project manager must have2021-02-04T19:20:14+00:00
20 01, 2021

How to stay positive, even in times of crisis


Also keep in mind that, awake, a person spends on average more than 35% of his time at work during a week. From this perspective, it goes without saying that it is important to be happy in your professional life in order to achieve more overall happiness. With proper employment conditions, challenging tasks and recognition, [...]

How to stay positive, even in times of crisis2021-01-20T13:58:59+00:00
1 12, 2020

Save time and improve productivity with automations


Nutcache has just made available in Beta mode a new feature that should delight all project managers: the ability to set rules in your task lists so that some actions are performed automatically. With Nutcache's automations, you can configure combinations of triggers and actions to automate repetitive and tedious actions, saving you time and allowing you [...]

Save time and improve productivity with automations2020-12-01T18:44:32+00:00
26 11, 2020

How can automation improve your productivity?


Automation basically involved using machines to reduce human intervention in certain tasks. A simple example might be using a slow cooker to prepare a meal - you put the ingredients together, set the program and the machine does the rest - most importantly without the need for you to supervise the whole process. How can [...]

How can automation improve your productivity?2020-11-26T16:16:59+00:00
9 11, 2020

Performance improvements to make Nutcache faster


From the very beginning, the early vision of Nutcache imagined by Alain Nadeau, its founder, has always been to develop a robust, reliable and high-performance application. The technological choices made in 2013 made sense at the time to achieve reactivity and acceptable responsiveness. Today, 7 years later, as the number of clients grows and as [...]

Performance improvements to make Nutcache faster2020-11-10T13:33:34+00:00
14 09, 2020

Why choose the free version of Nutcache over Trello?


Anyone starting up in business knows it can be easy to get lost in the forest of different management tools on offer. Limited funds seldom stretch to top-of-the-range software, and many new businesses opt for a free, online solution. Your diligent research will lead you to both Trello and Nutcache, which we will compare below. [...]

Why choose the free version of Nutcache over Trello?2020-09-15T15:41:03+00:00
2 06, 2020

Why use task dependencies?


If you are familiar with Gantt charts, you'll know that the creation of task dependencies is a feature. At first glance, the function may appear daunting but, by simply using it, your team will quickly get used to its value. In this article we explain, in six points, why you will benefit from using task [...]

Why use task dependencies?2020-06-03T13:08:14+00:00
8 05, 2020

Nutcache introduces a free plan for small teams


We are very excited to introduce our new free plan to make Nutcache even more accessible for teams up to 20 people.  The Free plan is a no-cost option for smaller teams so they can benefit from the project management and time tracking functionality without worrying about their budget. Our vision for Nutcache has always [...]

Nutcache introduces a free plan for small teams2020-07-30T17:51:56+00:00
28 04, 2020

A new & more intuitive navigation structure


For some time now, we have based the visual and functional transformations of the application on the design principles established by Google (Material Design). The same fundamental principles apply when it comes to designing the internal navigation structure of the application. With this in mind, we completely redesigned the internal navigation of the application to [...]

A new & more intuitive navigation structure2020-04-29T12:21:09+00:00
16 03, 2020

Stay on schedule with visual Gantt charts


We’re so happy to introduce a much-awaited feature that will allow you to plan, manage and visualize your projects and their task dependencies over time: the Gantt chart. Nutcache's Gantt charts offer all the agility to adjust your project tasks in real-time, and from one place. The Gantt chart feature is available with our Pro and [...]

Stay on schedule with visual Gantt charts2020-03-16T14:59:48+00:00
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