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Although winter has begun slowly but surely it does not mean Nutcache is going into hibernation! Indeed, our team of developers spared no effort to improve our product by taking into account your comments and suggestions and provide you with the best possible user experience.

This update focuses on 4 different areas:

New features

The list of projects to invoice has been improved with new features such as the ability to drill-down to the client file (1) as well as the project file (2) without having to leave the project list. Moreover, clicking directly on a detail line allows for direct access to the project invoicing detail screen (3).

invoice project

It is now possible to change the row order from an invoice/estimate/recurring invoice detail section as well as the project task list with a simple “drag-and-drop” move.

invoice row

The timesheet approval feature now includes all expenses, both those linked to projects and those that are not.

expense approval

Checklists included in cards and available with project collaborative boards can also be moved, or duplicated, within the same board.

checklist duplicate

Improved menu organization

Nutcache has made some changes to the structure of the main menu in order to make it simpler and more intuitive. As such, the Organization menu, previously located under the logo of your company, has been relocated directly under the Home menu making it now more visible and accessible. In addition, and in order to reflect a better and coherent project workflow, the Collaboration menu has changed name to Boards and is now fully integrated into the Projects module.

application menu


Increased performance

Over the past few weeks, our team of developers has pegged away at the collaborative project boards to improve their ease-of-use and performance, especially in regard of the loading time for tables, lists and cards, which is now much faster. The card “drag and drop” action from one list to another has also been improved as it is now instantaneous.

drag and drop cards

Better guidance

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary frustration, Nutcache has set up an automated subscription renewal reminder system which informs you a few days in advance (5 days prior to renewal date for monthly subscriptions and 15 days prior to renewal date for annually based subscriptions) that your subscription is due for renewal soon. Maintaining your subscription active is the best way to not lose your organization’s basic settings and any current entries (projects, members, clients, etc.) you’ve made.

Whatever the time of year, the Nutcache team is always working hard to enrich and improve your preferred management application, and it’s all yours to enjoy!


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