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Every good project manager worth his salt knows that the key to a successful project kickoff presentation is possessing a detailed project kickoff checklist.

Executing a project often times leaves a project manager feeling overwhelmed; the more complex the project, the higher the tendency for you to get anxious and possible forget a few important details along the way. For a first-timer, the need to impress your boss or client could also leave you with an intense feeling of trepidation.

This is why we have put together a comprehensive project kickoff checklist that will help guarantee a successful project kickoff.

project kickoff checklist infographic

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A Simple But Effective Project Kickoff Checklist

#1. Project identification

Project managers are most likely dealing with multiple projects so make sure the project basic information is answered:

  • What is the project name?
  • Who is the client?
  • Who will be leading this project?

#2. Client needs and expectations

Clearly identify and document the initial base line needs and priorities because as the time changes throughout the project, those needs and priorities are going to change.

#3. Project scope

Review the project plan and outline the boundaries of the project, especially if you are doing a phased approach, where you need to highlight what will be done in different phases.

#4. Project schedule

Once you created a work breakdown structure of your project to get an overview of all the tasks in a manageable outline, try to visualize a timeline of the important events — the milestones — that will advance the project to the next level.

#5. Project budget

Getting your budget right from the get-go is crucial. Identify the project budget so you know how much money you have to spend on what specific items and don’t run over budget.

#6. Team members and roles

Make a contact list that includes team members’ names, departments, email, phone number, etc., and what role would they be playing for the project.

#7. Project reviews

Project reviews is the opportunity to step back and take a deeper look into the system, learn how to improve project management methods and infrastructure to enhance productivity and ensure that project goals are met.