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The last months of 2018 were a busy time at Nutcache, as our team pursued its mission to make the application as user-friendly as possible. And Nutcache’s latest update reflects this effort by focusing on making the security profile system simpler and making new project board templates available to speed up project creation.

New security profiles

Nutcache simplifies its permission system by narrowing down the security profiles to 4 different roles, each with specific access rights:

  • Administrator
  • Project manager
  • Regular member
  • Guest

security profiles


Nutcache administrators now have the same privileges as account owners. They can set up the organization parameters, add users, manage the subscription plan, and create custom security profiles (exclusive to the Enterprise edition). They also have the same access rights as project managers across all projects.

Project managers

The project manager role includes project privileges for his own projects or for projects he has been assigned to. In both cases, the project manager can:

  • Invite users
  • Access all tabs from the project screen
  • Manage the budget, and issue estimates and invoices
  • Manage the entire project boards

Regular members

New privileges granted to the regular member role allow for better collaboration. As a regular member invited to a project, you get to see the project’s description and vision, access your time entries and expenses as well as all of the project boards. A regular member can:

  • Assign tasks to other members
  • Create labels
  • Collaborate entirely on a board


Guests are users invited to follow the progress of certain projects. A guest has read-only rights on boards from his assigned projects, however, a guest can comment and attach files to cards.

Need help with the new security profiles?

Click the chat icon located in the upper right corner within your app to chat with one of our customer service experts or consult our FAQ section also available from the chat widget.

New project board templates to speed up project creation

Because we want you to get started on your next project quickly and easily, we introduce new project board templates.

project templates

The 14 new project board templates come with predefined settings, workflow and labels all suited for different project management methods. Your board will be automatically created as you create your project. On project creation choose one of the following workflows:

  • Kanban
  • Event planning
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing campaign
  • Website & Design
  • Creative
  • Content
  • Bug/Issue tracking
  • Software development – Scrum
  • Software development – Kanban
  • IT technical support
  • Task management
  • Monthly planning
  • Sales

Other improvements

  • A user’s security profile will now determine which tabs of the project screen he has access to
  • Member management has been simplified: you can now batch assign several members to a single security profile

Should you require more information about this latest Nutcache update, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].