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Nutcache provides teams with an Agile project tool for managing the entire project delivery lifecycle — from the initial estimate to the final billing.

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Why Nutcache?

Nutcache provides all the features you need to manage any Agile project types in a one-stop-shop solution.

What Nutcache can do for you

How does Nutcache compare against competition?

  • Priority support
  • Scrum/Kanban frameworks
    Visual “To do, Doing, Done” workflow, assign stories and tasks to members, adjust workflow to your needs.
  • Agile planner
    Provides a complete view of the tasks assigned to your team members, letting you balance the workload of each member and avoid resource overload.
  • Project budgeting
    Set up a project budget and add milestones and alerts to better control your project budget.
  • Task labeling
    Manage tasks more efficiently by adding labels on them.
  • Time tracking
    Link billable time entries to stories and easily calculate labor costs by member or for the entire project.
  • Timesheet approval
    Approve your team members' time and expenses.
  • Expense management
    Record an expense, assign it to a member, link it to your project and bill it to your client.
  • Client billing
    Easily bill your client for an entire project or benefit from progressive invoicing.
  • Multilingual (8 languages)

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25 GB document storage
Support response time: 1 business day
Scrum project management
Agile project management
Project budgeting & billing
Time tracking
Expenses tracking
Role-based permissions
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per month
for up to 6 users.
Everything in PRO, and
100 GB document storage
Support response time: 1 business day
Team management
Agile planner
Timesheet & expenses approvals
Project advanced budgeting & milestones
Custom security profiles
Starting at
per month
for up to 6 users.

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