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Team collaboration

Team up, organize, track and deliver

Connect with your team and clients and collaborate on projects through the Nutcache boards. Invite coworkers, clients and other collaborators to work with you on your projects, and to share comments, project advancement notes and documents of all kinds. Collaboration has never been easier!

Key features

  • Work smarter and more efficiently on your various projects and make sure they are delivered on time
  • Use the board dashboard to track critical data
  • Invoice a whole collaborative board by just one click

Organize your board to reflect your workflow

Organize your projects and ideas with boards, lists and cards to match your team’s preferred project management method, such as Scrum, Agile, Kanban or anything else. Fill cards with a variety of information, such as checklists, worked hours, expenses, or attached documents.

Key features

  • Set a deadline and an estimated time for each card
  • Drag your cards from list to list as work progresses
  • Get notified each time a card or list is modified or browse through a card’s activity
Organize your board to reflect your workflow
Be in control at all times

Be in control at all times

The board overview sums up the board’s critical information so you can see at a glance where your project is heading and, if required, make the necessary changes.

Key features

  • Track the time spent on specific tasks
  • Make sure deadlines and budgets are respected
  • Always know where your projects stand

Make sharing your ideas and information seamless

Boards, lists and cards can also be used as containers for ideas, tasks or others activities not necessarily part of a workflow; you can even use it to improve collaboration when brainstorming. In other words, Nutcache’s great flexibility makes it the ideal project management tool for any business!

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