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Centralize all your daily project activities

Centralize all your daily project activities

By easily gathering everything that matters to your project into one cohesive place, Nutcache allows you to speed up project completion by creating or keeping tasks assignments, budgets, existing boards, worked hours, expenses, invoices, and attachments in reach without leaving the project screen.

Key features

Assign team members and tasks to your projects

Account owners, administrators and project managers are able to assign specific team members and tasks to projects. This gives those team members the ability to log time against those projects.

Key features

  • Choose the member(s) you’d like to add to the project
  • Only assigned tasks will be available when logging time entries for a project
Assign team members and tasks to your projects
Collaborate with your teammates and clients

Keep project on budget

Setting up a budget ensures the project manager a better understanding about how the human and financial resources will be used throughout the project’s progress. The project manager gets at a glance an overview of the budget spent by task or by member, the incurred expenses and the billed/billable amounts.

Key features

  • Keep track of the overall project’s progress
  • Identify the level of profitability of the project
  • Analyze the worked hours vs billable hours ratio
François Czajkowski

“Nutcache is the perfect tool to track our activities on our different ongoing projects. Accessible from anywhere, anytime, its interface is really simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Currently, 70 users are using it and it still remains flexible enough to adapt to our needs.”

arvato Bertelsmann

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Set up alerts for budget milestones and control your projects better

Make sure your project runs smoothly, efficiently, and profitably, by setting up different milestones (in percentage) and alerts allowing you to notify the project manager when potential cost overruns occur.

Key features

  • Get automatic notifications when milestones are reached
  • Get your budget on target by making the required adjustments
Set budget milestones and alerts
Collaborate with your teammates and clients

Work better together

Organize and manage your projects with boards, lists and cards to reflect your project workflow. Invite your team members, clients and concerned people to collaborate and comment on different tasks. Communicate without the hassle. Nutcache helps you reduce your internal emails.

Key features

  • Adapt the collaborative boards to your team’s preferred project management method
  • Use the notes & comments feature to keep your team and clients updated

Make time entries quick and easy

Tracking how many hours of work are logged to a specific project enables project managers to produce better-suited project planning as well as get a clear picture of where time goes.

Key features

  • Track project progress better
  • Get a clear picture of the time allocated to a project
  • View the amount of billable work hours
Make time entries quick and easy
Log project-related expenses

Log and track project-related expenses

Record and assign new expenses to your project. Nutcache gives you the tools to keep an eye on your expenses and stay on budget by tracking all costs against a project.

Key features

  • Link expenses to projects automatically
  • Keep an eye on your team’s expenses

Manage estimates and invoices right from the project

Create new project-related estimates or invoices and keep all existing estimates and invoices in reach without leaving the project screen.

Key features

  • Link estimates and invoices to projects automatically
  • Invoice a project in one click
Manage estimates and invoices right from the project
project invoice method

Choose the invoice method that suits you best

Nutcache allows you to set an invoice method best suited to your business reality when you are creating a project. The invoice methods available are project fixed-fee, project hourly rate, hourly rate by member and hourly rate by task.

Key features

  • Offer your clients more billing flexibility
  • Lets you bill a fixed-fee per client
  • Ideal for consulting firms

Store and share documents online

Uploading files to Nutcache and attaching them to projects is a convenient way to keep all of your project data in one place, but also to share information with everyone involved in the project.

Key features

  • Share complementary information
  • Store project-related files
  • Keep track of document information (date added, file size, person who added it)
Store and share documents online

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