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access rights and permissions

Manage access rights with built-in security profiles

Each member in your Nutcache organization has a role with different levels of access. Choose between 7 different built-in security profiles allowing you to set specific and finite access rights to your members.

Key features

  • Select predefined roll-based security profiles
  • Take advantage of hassle-free and easy to use security profiles

Create custom security profiles

Nutcache’s robust custom access rights management feature allows you to gain control on a granular level and create your own security profiles to match your business requirements.

Key features

  • Create as many security profiles as you need
  • Determine what members of your organization have access to what data
Nutcache custom security profile
Use project teams to ensure better control

Use project teams to ensure better data control

On top of granting specific access rights to your employees, you can create project teams and choose the members who will be part of them to ensure a tighter control over who is accessing your data.

Key features

  • Only team leaders can approve time and expenses for members of their teams
  • Enterprise clients benefit from a more robust and manageable security package

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