Introduced in its latest update, Nutcache’s major changes both in terms of functionality and regarding its pricing structure will help businesses and project teams of all sizes work faster, smarter and cheaper. These important modifications reflect the desire to make Nutcache accessible to the greatest possible number of people.

After helping self-employed and contract workers become more effective and systematic in the way they do their functions, now Nutcache wishes to help teams of workers by allowing teams of up to 20 members to use Nutcache for free. Also, the users of this free version can now track their work time through the use of timers. This new approach is directly reflected on the new pricing structure, as stated by Sébastien Boyer, Director of Products at Nutcache: “We decided to modify our pricing structure so our free version could attract teams that are starting their project and let them become more efficient so they could achieve more.”

Here are some on the main changes made to the three Nutcache versions:

  • Accepts up to 20 members
  • Unlimited organizations
  • Unlimited collaborative boards
  • 1 GB storage
  • $5/user/month billed annually
  • 25 GB storage
  • Many exciting features to come! (billing rates by member, project budgeting, etc.)
  • $12/user/month billed annually
  • Many exciting features to come! (Timesheet/expense approval, budget milestones, etc.)



As part of the new features introduced with its latest update, the automatic subscription renewal of your Nutcache account is a reliable and hassle-free way to make sure your subscription payments are always made on time and that you never lose access to your Nutcache application. Whether you are subscribing or renewing your current subscription, all you have to do is set the renewal frequency (annual or monthly) of your subscription Nutcache. That’s it, you need never remember another due date. Nutcache takes care of everything!

Nutcache’s new offering will help project teams save and stay focused on what they do best. Many businesses pay monthly installments for a project management program and more for other related programs. With Nutcache’s system, organizations can get more features for less payment. They can use the various features of this project management system which includes collaboration, invoicing/expense/payment management, time tracking software, data analysis/reports, and more for just one single reasonable fee.

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