Nutcache was founded with the idea of helping freelancers manage their invoicing and time tracking in a simple web application that wasn’t too expensive. In fact, we wanted it to be so inexpensive that we made it free.

As we took the turn from simple invoicing and time tracking to collaborative project management, we found that in order to support larger teams and businesses with better features, more resources were needed. That is why we had to review our subscription plans and limitations.

It was of the foremost importance to us that freelancers would still benefit from a free application that offers great features to help them in their everyday tasks. So while limiting the number of active users on free accounts to two (2), as well as restricting free accounts to the ownership of a maximum of two (2) companies, we have removed the following restrictions to enhance freelancers’ experience within Nutcache:

  • Transaction fees on online payments have been removed (of course, standard fees from payment gateways providers such as PayPal and Stripe still apply)
  • Ads within the application have been removed
  • The limitations on the number or size of attachments – within your 1 GB maximum storage limit – have been lifted

In addition, free Nutcache users also get a taste of the new collaborative features and can have one (1) active board at all times, with a single collaborator. We encourage you to try out the new collaborative boards and see how their flexibility allows to match your work style.

We are very excited about what this new direction will bring and we firmly believe that the collaborative avenue will be more than beneficial for your business!