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Our Story

Who we are

Nutcache started operating in 2013 as a simple invoicing app which is now transformed into one of the best all-in-one project management and collaborative systems on the market. Nutcache was brought to life by two entrepreneurs with several years of experience and a proven track record in developing invoicing and accounting software programs that appeal to thousands of users around the world. Nutcache is part of the Dynacom Technologies Group.

Backed by a group of highly talented individuals passionate about creating a product that provides an exceptional user experience, Nutcache’s goal is to improve the quality of life of the entrepreneurs and freelancers out there currently buried in timesheets, invoices and project profitability reports. We hope our application will help these organizations be more successful and grow into larger companies.

Our mission: simplify teamwork

One of the factors that are essential in the success of every project is that the project management solution chosen is simple to use yet flexible enough to meet the organization’s preferred project management method. For Nutcache, a collaborative project management solution must offer the flexibility required to meet the existing management practices but also to provide all the control, communication and follow-up tools required to ensure that everyone’s responsibilities are clear and well defined for every organization can achieve their goals.

Our core values

Our core values are the cornerstone of who we are, what we stand for, what we offer and how we craft our products.

  • User centric
  • Innovation
  • Simplicity
  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Fun!

Team Key Members

Alain Nadeau
Founding President

An experienced and passionate entrepreneur, Alain made his own the motto “No guts, no glory”, as he started his first management company at the age of 17 and now oversees business activities at Nutcache. Throughout the years, Mr. Nadeau received numerous awards and honors for his quality as a leader and the innovative nature of his businesses.

Sébastien Boyer, PSPO
Director of Products

As Director of Products and Scrum Product Owner, Sébastien is the mastermind behind Nutcache, spending most of his time transforming ideas into features. Sébastien dedicates himself to defining the direction, the scope and the design of the Nutcache applications. His favorite quote comes from a wise and famous Jedi master: “If no mistake you have made, losing you are. A different game you should play”.

Joseph Saab
Assistant Director, Scrum Master

Joseph is obsessed with superheroes and passionate about wrestling. Oh, and he’s a Gordon Ramsay admirer too. When not madly coding away on his computer, Joseph likes to share his greatness with his friends and coworkers and play along with his two beautiful boys.

Jean-François Turcotte
Technical Lead – Back end

Jean-François’s number one task at work is receiving a constant stream of “stuff” he orders online (sometimes programming too). Although he swears it’s all cool computer and audio related parts, some of us recall seeing some pretty shameful pink and childish things in there… He keeps our code and servers running smoothly, and his coworkers entertained.

Abdessamad Maazouz
Technical Lead – Front end and mobile applications

New technology, web & mobile design, science fiction movies and coffee (tons of coffee) are Abdessamad’s passions. Abdé is part of Nutcache’s original team and brags about knowing every single class of the code! And he’s probably right too…

Jonathan Melo
Scrum Master

Jonathan is a bottomless pit of ideas (good or bad, but mostly terrible, really) who is keen on keeping the rest of the team updated on the latest Internet trends. He shows up at work injured about once a month due to his persistence in playing deck hockey many times a week. He once came to work wearing a giant squirrel costume, causing endless comments about the size of his nuts.

Benoît Bouchard-Côtes
Senior Developer

Living in a remote area, Benoît is an early bird developer and coffee enthusiast. Benoît knows how to make himself feel appreciated by his colleagues, even though he has never seen the “Back to the Future” movie. In his spare time, Benoît enjoys participating in extreme running challenges giving him the illusion he is in good shape.

Marc Guévin
Senior Marketing Specialist

Marc is the marketing specialist for Nutcache. He likes to think he is the most important member of the team since he provides his teammates with sweets and pastries once a week. He has a Master’s Degree in History and Anthropology, which is kind of ironic since he tends to forget everything… During his off time you can find Mark sipping fine Burgundy wine or doing outdoorsy stuff with his kids.

Josué Renelique
Support Rockstar

Strong supporter of the Seattle Seahawks, Josué’s secret goal is to create his own football team with his 4 kids… With over 15 years worth of customer service experience, and genuine love for people, Josué is a true support rockstar.

Some Awards

Nutcache was chosen as the winner of 2016 Expert’s Choice Award by FinancesOnline, a popular B2B software review platform. Nutcache was also distinguished with the FinancesOnline Exceptional Customer Support Award for 2016. FinancesOnline also appreciated our free trial plan with their 2016 Award For Best Free Trial. GetApp, the largest independent business apps marketplace, also included Nutcache in their Top 25 products in project management, as well as project collaboration for 2016.

Nutcache awards

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We are here to help! Our support team is available Monday through Friday to assist you. Contact us at support@nutcache.com. For general inquiries, please contact us at media@nutcache.com.


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